Monday, May 2, 2011

Book Review: Unborn by Carson Wilder (Jude Hardin)

Last night was the end of a very long week.  All I wanted to do after putting the kids to bed was curl up and lose myself in a story, so I paid a visit to my favorite suspense junkie's blog The Man Eating Bookworm and "shopped" for a shot of adrenaline.  Unborn by Carson Wilder (Jude Hardin) sounded just right.

Book Description
The vengeful ghost of an aborted baby girl goes on a killing rampage. Highway drifter, day laborer, and world-renowned psychic medium John Rock tries to stop her.
Unborn is short, but it packs a big punch.  Do you remember that awesome scene at the end of Final Destination where the kid steps off the curb and BAM! gets hit by a bus?  Unborn is like that.

From the opening scene I was pulled in, and every page scared me.  I was scared of what was happening, and I was scared for what would happen next.  Now I can't wait for the sequel.

If you are easily disturbed, steer clear of Unborn.  If you love having a look of terror on your face as you read, please add Unborn to your list.  There is no better way to spend your hard earned $.99.


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  1. That cover is really creepy.. I may have to check it out.

  2. So I'm a new follower.

    And I'm feeling indifferent about actually following and reading your blog, LOL. On one hand I love your posts and I find myself adding books to my TBR list. But on the other hand, the books you read are mainly scary/eerie stuff that will surely give me nightmares!! I am torn. Clearly. Haha

  3. Haha. Well, I'm glad you have chosen to follow me. :) I do love scary stuff, but I also love creativity. By nature, horror books are imaginative, but I love a lot of books outside of the horror genre, too. You will see books come through that aren't scary, as well. :D


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