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Interview and Giveaway | Michael West

I am very excited about two things today! First, I had the opportunity to do a quick interview with Michael West, author of The Wide Game, Cinema of Shadows, and the upcoming Poseidon's Children. Second, I have a fabulous giveaway for three lucky readers! Seventh Star Press is giving away ALL EIGHT (8) of their new Seventh Star Singles short stories. That's an awesome prize.

Without further ado, I'm pleased to welcome Michael West to Book Den:

Seventh Star Press has released a fun series of stories called Seventh Star Singles. Can you tell us a little bit about this series?

The Singles are short stories set in the various worlds of the Seventh Star Press authors. Right now, we have a pair of sword and sorcery tales by Steven L. Shrewsbury, some epic fantasy/urban fantasy by Stephen Zimmer, and a couple of horror tales from me. The Singles provide a very unique experience for both the writers and the fans, as they become a way to explore more of these worlds we've created. And since they are stand-alone tales, they also give new readers a chance to discover our work for the first time. At $0.99, you can't beat the price! I think people will be much more willing to take a chance on new, unfamiliar talent when it costs them less than a cup of coffee to try. And just like coffee, I hope they become totally addicted and want more and more and more. LOL

How do your Seventh Star Singles stories Goodnight and For the River Is Wide and the Gods Are Hungry tie into your novels?

They're stand-alone tales that require no previous knowledge of The Wide Game or Cinema of Shadows to enjoy. They are set in the same small town of Harmony, Indiana, or involve people who attend the local college, Stanley University, but that is the only tie they have to the novels.

I really enjoyed reading Cinema of Shadows. Do you have plans for more books set in Harmony?

Oh yes. In fact, I'm writing the next Harmony, Indiana novel right now as we speak. It's called Spook House. The Harmony fire department works to turn an old farmhouse into a haunted attraction. Growing up, there was always that haunted house put on by the local Jaycees to raise money. So much fun! But, since this is Harmony, the house they've chosen sits atop a gateway to another dimension, and there are some nasty things on the other side of that doorway that have been waiting a long time to get out. Robby Miller (The Wide Game, Cinema of Shadows) really takes center stage this time out. He's been a supporting player up until now, but this is his novel, and we get just a little bit of set-up for the climactic battle of good vs. evil that will take place in the final Harmony novel, Field of Screams.

That sounds awesome! Obviously, I cannot let you go without asking about your upcoming series The Legacy of the Gods as well. What can you tell us about Poseidon's Children?

The Legacy of the Gods is an epic, dark Urban Fantasy series that will kick off with the release of Poseidon's Children. I'm very excited about it. This is a story that has been with me for years, and every time I would talk about it with faithful readers, they would always ask me, "When is that coming out?" I'm happy that they will finally be able to read it for themselves this March. I can't say much about it (no spoilers!), but if you're interested, you can read the entire first chapter right here, right now:

Excellent! Thank you so much for taking a moment to tell us about the Seventh Star Singles and for giving us the scoop on your upcoming releases!

More Information

For more information about Michael West and his books, please visit his website at

Seventh Star Singles Giveaway

Three random winners will be selected to receive all eight (8) of the current Seventh Star Singles:
  1. Goodnight by Michael West
  2. For the River is Wide and the Gods are Hungry by Michael West 
  3. Author and Finisher of Our Flesh by Steven L. Shrewsbury
  4. Insurmountable by Steven L. Shrewsbury
  5. Temples Rising by Stephen Zimmer
  6. Into Glory Ride by Stephen Zimmer
  7. Land of Shadow by Stephen Zimmer
  8. Lion Heart by Stephen Zimmer

This contest will be open until January 31, 2012. Once the winners have been selected, Seventh Star Press will contact you to ensure you get the ebooks in your preferred format.

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  1. Great idea for the singles, and great contest. Always nice to wet your feet with an author's short fiction before diving into a novel.


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