Monday, February 13, 2012

Currently Reading | Southern Gods, Dead of Night, Feed

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Somehow I managed to be on a zombie kick this week! These are the books I'm in the middle of reading:

SOUTHERN GODS by John Horner Jacobs

I'm about half way through Southern Gods, and it is really surprising me. I try not to find out too much about a book before I read it because I'm spoilerphobic, but I'm pretty sure I had no reason to expect the events that are currently taking place. I'm loving it.

DEAD OF NIGHT by Jonathan Maberry

Jonathan Maberry stopped by last week to guest post. Check it out if you haven't! I couldn't help but start reading Dead of Night, and so far I'm really diggin' it.

FEED by Mira Grant

Grace at Feeding My Book Addiction is having another read-along this month. In honor of Valentine's Day, she chose horror as the genre of the month. You see why I love Grace, dontcha? Tomorrow is the first read-along post, but it lasts all month if you want to jump in! If you've read Feed already, come back tomorrow and share your thoughts!

What are you currently reading this week?


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