Friday, May 4, 2012

Robert McCammon | Updates and Free Stories

I'm really excited about the month of May. Mostly because it's the month in my The Great McCammon Read that I get to read Boy's Life again. Speaking of Boy's Life, I have a few related bits of news I'd love to share with you guys. First, though, I'm going to point out where you can score some free McCammon.

Free Short Stories

Did you know May is National Short Story Month? As luck would have it, Robert McCammon's website has just been updated with a ton of new (to the site) short stories. You can check those out here.

Robert McCammon Group on Goodreads

Lou Pendergrast, a Goodreads friend of mine and fellow blogger at More 2 Read, started a Robert McCammon group over at Goodreads. If my McCammon worship here at Book Den isn't enough for you, you will find plenty there as well. I'd love for you to join us. We will be reading a McCammon book each month, and guess which book was chosen for May...? Boy's Life. I get to read it for my The Great McCammon Read and the group read!

Cover Love

Earlier this week I was perusing McCammon's website, and I got caught up on the cover gallery page for Boy's Life. There are 58 images depicting covers from all over the world! I love the idea that people all over the world cherish this book as much as I do.

Then the folks at Open Road Media who are so awesome they can read minds (I can't make this up) sent me a graphic they created featuring the foreign covers of Swan Song throughout the years.

If you read my review of Swan Song in March, you know how much I love this epic book. If you haven't read my review, well... go read it! And then read Swan Song.

The Providence Rider

The latest book in McCammon's Matthew Corbett series will be released later this month, but I just found out the ebook was released early and is available now! I have a review copy the awesome folks at Subterranean Press sent me so expect a review on that coming soon.

Jealousy, Death, and More Jealousy 

Pam over at Midnyte Reader rode in a car with Robert McCammon last week. I died when I heard the story. Just died. But all of the jealously coursing through my veins brought me back to life. She has all of the details of the World Horror Convention including lots of great pics of her and McCammon posted on her blog.

Let Me Hear From You
Are you new to McCammon's works? If you are a fan, do you have a favorite? If you check out any of his free stories, be sure to let me know.


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  1. Oh, I still have not read BOY'S LIFE. I own a copy. I dug it out last summer after seeing SUPER 8 in search of some "coming of age horror" reads. And I still haven't read it! Grr. I'll have to bump it to the top of the stack and remedy this.

  2. Actually, it was back in March...I just couldn't articulate the story till last week! Awesome post of McCammon awesomeness Jennifer! I will check out all these links. Have fun reading A Boys Life. I love the cover that looks like it's from Russia. Thank you so much for the shout out.

  3. oh Boy's Life! I actually have this one unread on my shelf at home I should give it a go!!

  4. Becky - If you love coming of age stories like Super 8 (I do, too!!), Boy's Life is a MUST read for you!

    Pam - I thought it was earlier than that, but when I started thinking about it, I was hung up on it being the last weekend of the month. It should have dawned on me it was the last weekend in March and not April! Haha. That explains it. I love the cover with the wings on it. That scene was just too awesome.

    Giselle! You have an unread copy of Boy's Life? I'm so going to book bully you. :D

  5. I was just thinking about this post b/c the pub. co. sent me the graphic as well. I think that "Jealousy, Death and more Jealousy" would be an AMAZING feature or meme. The logo could be a green eyed grim reaper. : )


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