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Carrie Readalong | Part Two: The Prom

Throughout the month of September Midnight Book Girl and Midnyte Reader are hosting a Carrie readalong. If you've read Carrie, I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments. If you haven't read it, please be aware these readalong posts may contains spoilers.

Part Two: The Prom

1. There is a part quoted form "My Name is Susan Snell" when she stated that she is not really sorry that Tommy is dead anymore, because the idea of him was too perfect.  I was kind of shocked by this.  What do you think of this?

I don't know what to make of it. His memory may be perfect, but maybe he was perfect - for Sue. I hope you guys have some insight for me!

2. Miss Desjardin talked to Carrie about her own prom.  And for Carrie, the prom was magical up to a point.  Did you have any glamorized feelings about your own prom? 

I don't have any glamorized prom memories, but I do have some really great ones. A lot of my closest friends were together and I ate THE best lasagna I've ever eaten that night... ;)

3. When Sue was at home on prom night she said that she was still uncomfortable about her own motives and was afraid to examine them too closely in case she discovered selfishness.  Can you elaborate on this? 

Sue was certainly trying to make herself feel better. She may have been afraid to find out she wanted herself to feel less guilt more than what she wanted Carrie to experience.

4. Do you think that Tommy could have fallen for Carrie?

No. I think Tommy saw something in Carrie that he genuinely liked, but in the long run Carrie had too much of her looney momma in her.

5. Tell me what you think of the significance or symbolism of blood.  (Tommy pricked his finger, Mrs. White cut herself, Sue either got her period late or lost a pregnancy.)

It does seem that the blood had a greater significance. It started the shower scene TK episode and we circled back around to the prom TK and Carrie's end. I see it as a neat way to tie everything together, but there could be some solid symbolism there.

6. If that prank had not been played on Carrie at the prom, what kind of life do you think she would have had?

I think the prom was a magical night, and it could have been a catalyst toward Carrie having much more self-confidence to give herself a different life. At the same time, it was one night and with that momma of her's, it might not have been enough.

7.  What did you think of Billy and Chris's relationship?

Yikes. That's what I think. That is not a good combination of toxic negativity.

Bonus question: Did you catch the mistake Stephen King made with regards to Carrie's dad?  Courtney from Abducted by Books did!  See below for the answer. 

Okay, not only did I not catch this, but this is the fourth or fifth time I've read Carrie.  Here's the mistake: The book clearly states in Part One that Carrie's dad, Ralph, dies BEFORE Carrie was even born.  But in Part Two, Mrs. White thinks of how she should have killed Carrie when she was a baby (about one?) and that Ralph stopped her.  I kind of love that the mistake is fairly large, but I'm really shocked I didn't catch it before.  I'm not always a super sleuth when I'm reading, but it's a pretty big mistake.  Good catch, Courtney!

Yes! I did notice that. I also noticed how many people were named Tommy. The boy Carrie pushed off his bike, Sue's Tommy, the cop named Tommy... A lot of Tommy's in one book. :D


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  1. I think your answer to number 3 is perfect. She wanted to make herself feel better more than she really wanted to do something for Carrie.

    I think Tommy is a popular name in New England.

  2. I did notice all the Tommy's too! But it's kind of like I knew a lot of Josh's and Jessica's and Missy's in school, it was just popular.

    I think if the pig blood incident hadn't happened, something would have set Carrie off. She'd been working on her powers, and she was primed to go off. Her sudden acceptance into society would have just further enraged her momma... something would have happened.


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