Sunday, March 3, 2013

Storybook Sunday | Dr. Seuss Edition

Storybook Sunday is where I talk about what I'm reading with my kids. It's the lighter side of Book Den.

Yesterday was Dr. Seuss's birthday. We are big fans of Dr. Seuss at our house, and it has become a tradition to read all of our Dr. Seuss books during the week of his birthday. Our old daycare provider used to do this each year and it stuck!

We have several books that are not written by Dr. Seuss but are part of the Dr. Seuss library. We make sure to read those books as well.

These are the books we read during the week:

There are quite a few Dr. Seuss books we don't own. My three year old has fallen in love with The Lorax movie so I was pretty bummed this week that we don't own a copy of The Lorax book. I definitely need to remedy that!

Are you a fan of Dr. Seuss? What are your favorite Dr. Seuss books?


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  1. I LOVE that you do this!!! Such a great idea. Dr. Seuss is very big at our house. All three of my kids love Dr. Seuss books:)

  2. Awesome! Our library had a big party for Dr. Seuss yesterday.

  3. Great idea! I loved THE LORAX movie a lot. I love all of his books but I guess if I had a fav it would be either of The Grinch Who Stole Christmas and Cat in the Hat.

  4. What a great tradition. I need to do this. I'll have to buy the books first.


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