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My Favorite Movie Adaptations

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic over at The Broke and the Bookish is Top Ten Best/Worst Movie Adaptations. I was afraid at first that I wouldn't have enough favorites, but I wound up with way too many. I did my best to narrow it down.


The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

This speaks for itself. If you haven't read the books, they are as beautiful as the movies. Usually the film makers have to add witty dialogue and perfect the timing for the screen. The best lines from the movies are taken straight from Tolkien. This is suddenly turning into a book promo.. you need to read LOTR.

Jurassic Park

I watched Jurassic Park before I read the book. I can guarantee you that made a huge difference in my love of the adaptation. My husband did the right thing and read the book first, but now too many things grate on his nerves about the movie. I simply don't have that problem.

The Firm

I loved reading The Firm, and I was psyched when it came to the theater. Tom Cruise was cast as Mitchell McDeere which was fantastic. The ending to the movie was entirely different than the book, but it really worked. The only change I wasn't happy with was his car. Two other Tom Cruise movies almost made this list, too: The Interview with the Vampire and The War of the Worlds. I know I'm flawed, but you'll learn to love me.

Stephen King

If I were to count all of my favorite Stephen King adaptations, it would take up the rest of this post. Instead, I'm just going to count "Stephen King" as one and post some of my favorite Stephen King movie adaptations. I'm certain I missed some.

The Hunger Games

Right? I imagine I will see this on a million lists today. I hope Lions Gate will do as much justice to the upcoming release of Divergent as they did to The Hunger Games.


If you haven't read Phantoms by Dean Koontz, do it. It's one of my favorite books. The movie was a little goofy, but I loved it anyways. It stars Mr. Ben Affleck and Rose McGowan.

Harry Potter

This list is in no particular order.

Where the Red Fern Grows

This movie is as equally tear jerking as the book. I ugly cry for days. This movie was my grandfather's favorite movie of all time. It has a solid spot on my list.

The Last Man on Earth

Out of all of the I Am Legend adaptations, The Last Man on Earth starring Vincent Price is my favorite. I do enjoy the latest adaptation starring Will Smith, but the ending to the book I Am Legend is one of my favorite endings and The Last Man on Earth captures it the best.


I had a list of worst movies, too, because I wasn't sure which direction I was going to take my post. Here are my top three worst movie adaptations:


Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child is a fantastic book. I cannot say the same about the movie. Like Jurassic Park, I saw the movie before I read the book. I'm a huge fan of Adventures in Babysitting. Do you remember Brenda? The girl who ran away from home instead of spiking her mother's Tab with Drano? Penelope Ann Miller. She stared in Relic so it was a must see for me back in the day. Wow, that movie sucked.

I Am Number Four

I loooove the Lorien Legacies series. I wish beyond comprehension that Hollywood had waited before doing an I Am Number Four movie. The movie sucked so hard core, and now they will never make another one.

Left Behind

The Left Behind books should have made for awesome movies. Instead we got a couple of movies that are barely fit for TV.


I can't stop myself. Some of my very all time favorite movies were based on books, but I've never read them!

The Princess Bride

Holy hell is this movie quotable. If you put two Princess Bride fans in the same room together, the quotes could go on for hours. Trust me.

The Neverending Story

I love The Neverending Story so hard core. I am waaaiting for the day my kids are old enough to watch it. I've debated for a long time whether I should read the book or not. I'm still undecided. (Have you read it?) For one thing, I don't want to find out what on earth Bastian is shouting out the window. If you know the princess's name, don't tell me. It's probably my most favorite mystery.

Do you have any favorite film adaptations? Do you agree with mine or did you hate some of my favorites?  Do you have any favorite movies you still haven't read?


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  1. The Firm made my "best" list too! I was on a John Grisham tear for awhile, reading everything of his I could get my hands on. I thought The Firm was the best Grisham book movie adaptation of them all.

    TTT @ Krista's Dust Jacket

    1. Awesome. I was on a Grisham tear, too, and The Firm will probably always be my favorite.

  2. I've never read The Neverending Story either and I LOVED the movie... definitely need to do that someday. :) Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and The Hunger Games were fabulous adaptations, I agree!
    Bonnie @ Sweet Tidbits

    1. I just realized I called the Empress the Princess... :) I may break down and read it one day. Maybe with my kids!

  3. Love that Stephen King got his own shout out here. I think my favorite of his adaptations has to be either Pet Sematary or The Mist, I freaking loved both of those!

    1. Oh, man. I go back and forth on my opinion of the Mist. It's funny - some movies like The Mist the changes are hard for me, but then other movies like Pet Sematary I'm just fine with the big changes. There aren't many Stephen King movies I don't love.

  4. The Princess Bride is DEFINITELY quotable. Don't get my friends started- we'll go on for hours quoting this movie! haha The Hunger Games is in fact on a lot of lists, and rightfully so! I saw Where the Red Fern Grows about 6 years ago but don't remember it at all. Really liked the book, though!

    My TTT

    1. Right? If I'm ever stranded somewhere I'll give you a call. We could pass some serious time. ;)

  5. I loved the Firm. I haven't wanted to read the book I am Number Four because I hated the movie. Great list.

    1. *falls down and cries* You are breaking my heart.

  6. These are some great choices. I definitely agree that I am Number Four isn't one of the greatest. I'd be tempted to put Twilight on the list due to K. Stewart's acting but truth is compared to the books I actually don't really mind the movies.

    1. I'm a fan of Twilight. I have a weird love/hate thing going with the books, and the movies were good adaptations for me.

  7. Ooh so many great ones! Loved LOTR, HG, and most of the HP's! I liked the I Am Number Four movie, but I had never read the books or I would probably feel differently!

    Thanks for stopping by earlier Jennifer!

    Jessica@Lovin' Los Libros

    1. I've heard other people who haven't read the book say they liked the movie, too.

  8. I love LOTR & Jurassic Park! Great list :)
    -Scott Reads It!

  9. Love your picks! I never read the I am Number 4 series but I to thought the movie was bad.
    LOVE LOTR books and movies. Ditto with HP. I might add To Kill A Mockingbird.

    1. Doh! I know. I saw To Kill a Mockingbird on another list, and I couldn't believe it never even crossed my mind.

  10. Yep you can't go past Harry Potter - he made my list too :)

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy @ The Reading Realm

  11. Well, I absolutely love the LOTR movies... but hated The Firm (then again, I hated the book too, so there you go.) Absolutely love all things Stephen King, so I'm glad to see he got his own tribute! I'm a big Princess Bride fan (aren't we all??), and definitely recommend reading the book as well -- so much fun! Great list!


  12. I have read part of THE NEVERENDING STORY (the book actually stretches beyond the first movie's story) and do know the name. It's cheeseball (and now that I know what it is, I can sort of understand Bastian in the movie). LOVE that movie! It's one of my all time favorites even today.

  13. Great top ten! I loved LotR and HP and I hated I am number four too:) Thanks for stopping by.


  14. I agree with on your first list. I haven't watched many in the second.


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