Friday, August 2, 2013

Get to Know Stephen King's Family | NY Times Article

The New York Times posted a huge article (9 pages) about Stephen King's family earlier this week. Did you read it?

It's a really great read. It gives us a personal look at Stephen King, his wife, his three kids, and his daughter-in-law. It's full of family stories, and I loved getting to know his daughter-in-law, too.

It now makes sense why I had no idea Joe Hill was Stephen King's son when I bought Heart-Shaped Box. It was probably years later when I saw a random comment on Goodreads that they were related. It was truly a what the fuck moment for me, but it makes sense now. It was probably another couple of years after that that I finally read it. That's how it goes with my bookshelves.

I have nothing else to add to article, I just thought it was an excellent read and I wanted to pass it along.

Stephen King’s Family Business - NY Times


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