Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Guest Post | The Night Crawls In, LOHF Writers Grant, and Steve Stred

The Ladies of Horror Fiction has the honor of partnering with Steve Stred for the Annual LOHF Writers Grant. We will be able to select a recipient each year to receive grant funding toward their writing career. Please welcome Steve Stred to Book Den today, and be sure to preorder a copy of The Night Crawls In in order to help contribute to the LOHF Writers Grant!

From Steve Stred:

How exciting has the news been about the 1st Annual LOHF Writers Grant?!!

I know I’ve been absolutely blown away with the response! Thank you to everyone who has kindly pre-ordered, liked, shared, commented, hosted or even tagged someone!

For full details and how to apply, please click the link: https://www.ladiesofhorrorfiction.com/2019/07/26/2019-lohf-writers-grant/

Now to help fund the initial grant disbursement, I’m releasing a poetry/drabbles collection. On September 1st, 2019 The Night Crawls In will arrive. Containing 33 drabbles and 17 poems, all ebook presales and 1st day paperback sales will go towards funding the first grant. All additional sales there-after will be put towards future grants!

My normal partner in crime, Mason McDonald designed the cover for the release and as always, he knocked it out of the park!

Jen from the LOHF crew kindly offered up a guest post spot, so I’m here to share two drabbles that will be featured in The Night Crawls In!

The Clearing. (A Drabble)

It took us three days to hike to the edge of their territory. My daughter grew heavier and heavier on my back, but I knew we needed to make it.

When we arrived, I stopped, surveying the area.

The woods parted, fifty feet of open land, then the woods returned just across the clearing.


The agreement said ‘those who make it across are free.’

We had to try. We wanted to live, to survive.

With no creatures in sight, I gripped her tight and started running.

I heard them cry out, rush towards us.


We were so close.


The Bear. (A Drabble)

We stood in shock watching what the bear was doing.

We were all in the cabin, windows shut, door locked, dogs put away. Had we left some food out in the car that had lured it in from the woods? Was it the electronic music we had blaring or the cussing and yelling of college aged kids doing ridiculous things that had drawn it in?

We didn’t know.

Now we stood and watched as it ripped the doors off the Subaru and made short work of everything inside the car.

This included my grandma who’d been having her afternoon nap.


Now, a bit about these two drabbles.

‘The Clearing’ is a short story I had sitting around for some time. I don’t recall when I came up with the idea, but something created this idea of a group of beasts who were territorial. They kept humans within this sector, but the humans did have a chance – they just had to make it across a clearing. So I modified it and turned it into this 100 word creepfest.

‘The Bear’ was born from my growing up in British Columbia. We always see news clips every summer of bears destroying cars and trucks after food has been left inside of it etc. I remember one news report during one such incident had caught my attention. A man was being interviewed after his van had been ripped apart and he said normally at this time of day he’d be having a nap in the van. So I switched that up with a grandma. Poor, unsuspecting grandma.

So thank you to the amazing crew at Ladies of Horror Fiction – both for hearing my idea and jumping on board, but also for letting me submit a guest post here in the hopes we can work to growing this grant idea bigger and better every year!

The Night Crawls In: Amazon | Goodreads
Steve Stred: Wordpress | Twitter


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