Wednesday, January 15, 2020

On My Wishlist {26}

On My Wishlist is where I share a few books that have recently made it onto my wishlist. These are the books that have recently caught my eye:

Violet by S.J.I. Holliday
Published November 14th 2019 by Orenda Books

Violet by S.J.I. Holliday

When two strangers end up sharing a cabin on the Trans-Siberian Express, an intense friendship develops, one that can only have one ending … a nerve-shattering psychological thriller from bestselling author SJI Holliday

Carrie's best friend has an accident and can no longer make the round-the-world trip they'd planned together, so Carrie decides to go it alone.

Violet is also travelling alone, after splitting up with her boyfriend in Thailand. She is also desperate for a ticket on the Trans-Siberian Express, but there is nothing available.

When the two women meet in a Beijing Hotel, Carrie makes the impulsive decision to invite Violet to take her best friend's place.

Thrown together in a strange country, and the cramped cabin of the train, the women soon form a bond. But as the journey continues, through Mongolia and into Russia, things start to unravel – because one of these women is not who she claims to be…

A tense and twisted psychological thriller about obsession, manipulation and toxic friendships, Violet also reminds us that there's a reason why mother told us not to talk to strangers...

I put Violet on my wishlist after seeing it on Barb's 2019 Favorite Reads post. ("Hands down one of the best thrillers I've read all year.")

Of Sea and Shadow by Will Wight
Published December 30th 2014 by Hidden Gnome Publishing

Of Sea and Shadow by Will Wight

The Guild of Navigators has ruled the Aion Sea for centuries, using their fleet of mystical ships to collect trade for the Aurelian Empire.

Now the Emperor is dead.

For Calder Marten, Captain of The Testament, the Emperor’s death is not an end, but an opportunity. He and his crew seek the legendary Heart of Nakothi, an artifact that could raise a second Emperor…and earn Calder a fortune.

But they’re not the only ones who want the Heart.

The Consultant’s Guild, an ancient order of spies and assassins, will stop at nothing to keep the world in chaos. They seek to destroy the Heart, and prevent the world from uniting under a single Emperor ever again.

On the seas, a man works to restore the dying Empire.

In the shadows, a woman seeks to destroy it.

Will you explore the seas here with Calder? Or will you walk the shadows with Shera, in the parallel novel "Of Shadow and Sea"?
Of Shadow and Sea by Will Wight
Published December 30th 2014 by Hidden Gnome Publishing
Of Shadow and Sea by Will Wight

The Consultant’s Guild has served the Aurelian Empire for over a thousand years, working in the darkness to hunt dissension and eliminate traitors.

Now the Emperor is dead.

For Shera, an assassin in the employ of the Consultants, the Emperor’s death is the beginning of a nightmare. Powerful forces hunt the Heart of Nakothi, a cursed artifact that can raise a second Emperor…and corrupt him in the process.

But some desire power at any cost.

The Guild of Navigators, an infamous collection of swindlers and pirates, has been paid a fortune to secure the Heart. Their only lord is greed, their only loyalty to gold, and they would sell the Empire’s freedom for the promise of a quick coin.

In the shadows, a woman works to set the world free.

On the seas, a man seeks to raise a lunatic to lord over mankind.

Will you walk the shadows here with Shera? Or will you explore the seas with Calder, in the parallel novel "Of Sea and Shadow"?

I'm really interested in these books, and I'm having trouble wrapping my head around them well enough to explain. Both of these novels make up the first book in a series. The protagonists in each novel are the antagonists in the other novel. Anyhow, they sound really great, and I want to read them!

Over the Woodward Wall (Untitled #1) by A. Deborah Baker (Seanan McGuire)
Expected publication: October 6th 2020 by

Over the Woodward Wall (Untitled #1) by A. Deborah Baker (Seanan McGuire)

If you trust her you’ll never get home…

Avery is an exceptional child. Everything he does is precise, from the way he washes his face in the morning, to the way he completes his homework – without complaint, without fuss, without prompt.

Zib is also an exceptional child, because all children are, in their own way. But where everything Avery does and is can be measured, nothing Zib does can possibly be predicted, except for the fact that she can always be relied upon to be unpredictable.

They live on the same street.

They live in different worlds.

On an unplanned detour from home to school one morning, Avery and Zib find themselves climbing over a low stone wall into the Up and Under – an impossible land filled with mystery, adventure and the strangest creatures. And they must find themselves and each other if they are to also find their way out and back to their own lives.

There are quotes from this book in Middlegame. Seanan McGuire is just way too fun, and I need this!

Are you planning to read any of these upcoming releases? What books have recently made it onto your wishlist?


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  1. I hope you like Violet and let me get this straight, now Seanan McGuire is writing by yet another name? Is she trying to kill me!

  2. Ooo… I'm intrigued by Over the Woodward Wall. Will keep an eye out for that one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I featured Over the Woodward Wall today as well. I'm just so curious to see how she develops that story!

  4. A lot of these are new to me. I haven't read Middlegame, but I love the concept of Over the Woodward Wall.

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

    1. I'm anxious to find out more about Over the Woodward Wall.

  5. Violet sounds like my thing. I can't wait to hear your thoughts. I hope you enjoy them all :)

  6. I remember seeing Violet over on Barb's blog - I must check that I added it to my list. It does sound really good.
    Lynn :D


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