Wednesday, January 3, 2024

On My Wishlist | This Wretched Valley by Jenny Kiefer

It's the comparisons to The Ruins and The Descent in reviews that are getting me with this one. I long for books/movies like those so This Wretched Valley is definitely on my list.

This Wretched Valley by Jenny Kiefer

Four ambitious climbers hike into the Kentucky wilderness. Seven months later, three mangled bodies are discovered. Were their deaths simple accidents or the result of something more sinister?

This nail-biting, bone-chilling survival horror novel is inspired by the infamous Dyatlov Pass incident, and is perfect for fans of Alma Katsu and Showtime's Yellowjackets.

This is going to be Dylan's big break. Her friend Clay, a geology student, has discovered an untouched cliff face in the Kentucky wilderness, and she is going to be the first person to climb it. Together with Clay, his research assistant Sylvia, and Dylan's boyfriend Luke, she is going to document her achievement on Instagram and finally cement her place as the next rising star in rock climbing. 

Seven months later, three bodies are discovered in the trees just off the highway. All are in various states of decay: one body a stark, white skeleton; the second emptied of its organs; and the third a mutilated corpse with the tongue, eyes, ears, and fingers removed.

But Dylan is still missing. Followers of her Instagram account report seeing disturbing livestreams, and some even claim to have caught glimpses of her vanishing into the thick woods, but no trace of her—dead or alive—has been discovered. 

Were the climbers murdered? Did they succumb to cannibalism? Or are their impossible bodies the work of an even more sinister force? Is Dylan still alive, and does she hold the answers? 

This page-turning debut will have you racing towards the inevitable conclusion.

Is This Wretched Valley on your radar for this year?


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  1. This sounds fun in a horrific way. I'll have to add this to my TBR.

  2. This book is definitely on my radar! That wilderness setting and horror just seem to go together. :D

  3. I love the sound of this too. The Ruins was soo scary, I wonder if this is too?


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