Thursday, May 26, 2011

Book Hop: Turnaround Time

Today's Follow Friday question over at Parajunkee's View is:

Q. How many books do you read in a week? And in what format do you read them, or listen to them?

My answer varies greatly depending on circumstance.  If I'm reading short works - which I love - I can read several books in a week.  If I'm reading a longer work, it can take all week or more for me.

I read and love all formats.  I usually have an audiobook, a physical book, and an ebook going at the same time.

Are you are multi-reader or a one book at a timer? Right now I have four going which is probably my limit.

Book Blogger HopJennifer over at Crazy For Books asks: 

"What book-to-movie adaption have you most liked? Which have you disliked?"

I'm easy going when it comes to movie adaptations.  Even when it's a loose adaptation, I'm always happy to visit my old friends.

I love the Lord of the Rings movies.

I wrote a couple of posts recently regarding The Ruins and I Am Legend and their respective movie adaptations.

I think I've liked every Stephen King adaptation.

I loved Jurassic Park.

I also love all of the Harry Potter movies.

There have been adaptations I did not like.  Most fresh in my mind is the I Am Number Four movie that was released to DVD this week.  I didn't like it.  Mostly I didn't like it as a movie (it was ridiculous), but loving the book does make it harder because I know everywhere they could have done things right.

I also did not like the adaptation of Preston and Child's The Relic.  I loved that book, and again the movie was just bad as a movie.

Are you hard on movie adaptations? Does it make it harder when the book is one of your favorites?

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  1. I also read several books simultaneously. It keep things interesting.
    Have a good weekend.

  2. I'm a multi-reader as well! I read about six at a time to keep my interest. Happy Friday! New follower ;)

    My FF

  3. Cool den you have here. I haven't liked all Steven King adaptations but did enjoy Shawshank Redemption, Stand By Me and the Green Mile was excellent also.

  4. Hey,
    I got your comment on my FF, thanks a lot! :)
    I've just found out that in every page of our posts we can't see the Followers list and that's why it results impossible following people... Anyway, in the main page everything works in the proper way so I was wondering if you don't mind coming back on my blog and follow me back? It would mean a lot to me! :)


  5. Lord of The Rings , great answer.

  6. I can only read one book at a time just because I love being engrossed in that world so much. And, I usually only read one book per week (if that). I'm kind of slow.

  7. Hey!

    Hopping by from FF. Here's mine

    I think circumstance is definitely a factor to how many books i can read.


    (new follower)

  8. Here for Follow Friday. Your friends are missing so I'll follow you on twitter for now. I would love a follow back on my blog. Thanks. Donna

  9. I don't usually read books simultaneously but I am now because I've overextended myself. Blogger's GFC widget is on the fritz and I'm wishing I still had the blogger header thingy at the top of my page. Oh well.

  10. New follower, neat blog! Check mine out at


  11. I'm doing some last minutes hops. I loved this weeks question about movies. I love movies and I love books, but sometimes they don't go together. I loved The Lord of the Rings.

    Check out my Hop-->

  12. HI Jennifer! Thanks for stopping by on Follow Friday. I wanted to check out your blog and return the favor (better late than never, I hope!). I was having trouble following over the weekend, but I don't give up easily. ;-) I'm impressed that you can keep 3 books going at a time. I usually top out at 2!


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