Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Stephen King Challenges and a Readalong

11/22/63 READALONG

First off I want to point out a readalong for 11/22/63 over at Feeding My Book Addiction. It will take place this month (January), so if you are like me and you have Stephen King's latest tome sitting on the shelf, join us! There will be two posts:

Post One: Saturday 1/14/12 Covering Parts 1-3 (approximately 350 pages in the hardcover edition)

Post Two: Tuesday 1/31/12 Covering Parts 4-6 (approximately 500 pages in the hardcover edition)

You can get all the details and sign up here.


Natalie over at Coffee and a Book Chick has recently become a fan of Stephen King. As you can imagine, she now wants to get her hands on more of his books. She has joined up with Kathleen from Boarding in My Forties to host The Stephen King Project.

Stephen King movie adaptations count as well, but you should post more book reviews than movie reviews.

I'll be joining in with my review of 11/22/63, and any success that may come from The Dark Tower Reading Challenge I will detail below this one.

You can find all of the details regarding The Stephen King Project here.


Leighanne's Lit is hosting The Dark Tower Reading Challenge. Some of you may remember I was making my way through The Dark Tower series at the beginning of last year. I'm currently stuck somewhere within The Wolves of the Calla.

I've been pretty open about my struggles with The Dark Tower. I did enjoy The Drawing of the Three, but my journey for The Dark Tower has not been an easy one.

According to Goodreads I have read 42 Stephen King books. Reading The Dark Tower is more of a Stephen King completist goal for me.

If The Dark Tower has eluded you and you want to take up the journey with me, you can find all of the details for The Dark Tower Reading Challenge here.


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  1. Oh, fantastic! I'm so glad you'll be joining The Stephen King Project! After reading 'Salem's Lot, The Colorado Kid, and of course 11/22/63, I just knew I couldn't let 2012 slip me by without more of his work. I'm so impressed you've read 42 of his books - wow! You are now my inspiration! I need to get there!

    I can't wait to read what you think of 11/22/63 after the awesome readalong. I'll also be joining The Dark Tower Challenge as well, so I'm looking forward to it. It will be a fun year :)

    Welcome to The Project!

  2. The first part (the first five) were great books. Then part 2 (the last three) came out. Wolves of the Calla was... okay. Song of Susannah remains in the all time highs of my least favorite books ever, and books I would never want to read again lists.

    I do have to say though, I thought DT had THE perfect ending. (And thanks for that because Song of Susannah was nauseatingly bad. In fact, if I re-read the DT series, I would probably skip SoS altogether...)


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