Thursday, March 29, 2012

Live Event | Lee Thompson

There are some exciting things happening tonight on the Darkfuse website. Lee Thompson - one of my favorite authors - will be doing a live interview.

You can read all of my Lee Thompson gushings here.

The folks at Darkfuse will be giving one lucky winner a 1-year subscription to the Delirium Kindle Club. That's 24 novellas! They are also giving away some Lee Thompson limited edition hardcovers. Those are some wicked sweet prizes.

The event starts tonight at 8 CST/9 EST. Come hang out with me!


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  1. I went to the event because you posted here! I giggled when I saw both our comments come up! ;)

  2. I saw you! I said hi to you at the end, too. :) Did you see? I got on gmail to see if you were on chat so I could say hi, but you weren't there. LOL. I was happy to see you. Sorry you didn't win any awesome prizes. I'm sorry I didn't either... Haha.


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