Sunday, September 2, 2012

September Readalong | Carrie by Stephen King

Fun news! Midnight Book Girl and Midnyte Reader are hosting Stephen King readalongs through Fall. I can't resist a King readalong and these girls are awesome so I'm excited to join in.

The readalong choice for September is Carrie. I think Carrie might be the last King book I re-read, but I'm in for reading it again. Want to join me?

The book discussion schedule will happen as follows:

Part One: Blood Sports- Discussion post on 9.12.12, Twitter chat from 9pm EST- 11pm EST #CarrieBS

Part Two: Prom Night- Discussion post on 9.23.12, Twitter chat from 7pm EST- 9pm EST #CarrieProm

Part Three: Wreckage- Discussion post on 9.30.12, Twitter chat from 8pm EST- 10pm EST #CarrieEnd

(Twitter chats!)

We will also be reading Salem's Lot in October and Misery and/or Cycle of the Werewolf in November.

There is a sign up linky on Midnight Book Girl and Midnyte Reader's blogs or you can jump in with comments during the discussion posts.


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  1. I've only read Under The Dome by Stephen King and it was awesome! You should read it if you haven't checked it out yet. =D

  2. Hi Ruperto! I still have not read Under the Dome. I really, really need to.

    Me, too, Midnyte! :)


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