Sunday, October 7, 2012

Storybook Sunday | Halloween Books

It's Halloween time! I am very fortunate that my boys love reading Halloween books just as much as I do. We have already taken all of the Halloween books off the shelves (as well as ordered a couple of new ones for this year).

These are some of the books we will be reading through the month of October:

I wasn't able to find images for several of our board books and lift-a-flap books. I guess those are all out of print now.

My kids' favorite is probably Five Little Pumpkins. As a result we tend to read that one year round. I love Goodnight Goon pretty hard core, but I will have to devote a post later in the month to explain why.

Ten Creepy Monsters and Ten Little Pumpkins are new to us this year. I came across Ten Creepy Monsters this past week and had to have it. Ten Little Pumpkins is one of the books my son picked from the Scholastic Book Club newsletter. (For some reason I can't find a link to Ten Little Pumpkins that doesn't require you to login to Scholastic.)

If you need an awesome children's Halloween CD, Wee Sing Halloween is unbelievable. It's my favorite kid CD ever. It also comes with a book of all the songs and poems so you can read them as well.

Are we missing any great Halloween gems? Please let me know if you have any favorite Halloween children's books! 


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