Friday, February 22, 2013

Book Review | Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks by Robert Gray

Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks is the first book in Robert Gray's The Nightmare series.

For fourteen-year-old Eve Hallows, life can be summed up in one word—horrible. She has the most horrible friends. She lives in a horrible old castle. Even her family is a bunch of horrible monsters.

However, in the monster-inhabited world of Gravesville—a world where messages are sent through Ouija boards, jack-o’-lanterns get facials to suit their moods, and the worst thing Eve has to deal with are those annoying zombie tourists who overrun her favorite graveyard during the Halloween season—horrible means wonderful. And everything for Eve is perfectly horrible.

But her life is about to go head over heels when a mysterious group known as The Source starts terrorizing Gravesville. Now she must move to the human world—where everything is opposite ... and for Eve, that's absolutely adorable!

Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks is a really cute read. Eve is a human living in the monster world, but after a string of murders takes place, Eve's monster family has to move to our world. Eve has been taught humans are terrible, but now she has to figure out how to fit in with them. This is a great twist to the classic new girl at school trope.

I'm not sure I would recommend this series to many adults, but I certainly recommend it to middle grade readers. It is full of humor, full of adventuresome horrors, and full of friendship.

If you have a middle grade reader in your life who loves ghoulish fun, Eve Hallows and the Book of Shrieks would make an excellent addition to their library.

8/10: Great read for a younger audience


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  1. This one sounds fun! I know that some middle grade is hit or miss for adults, sometimes it's hard to know. This sounds like one my daughter might enjoy more.


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