Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Book Review | Dreams and Shadows by C. Robert Cargill

Dreams and Shadows is the debut novel of C. Robert Cargill.

Book Description

There is another world than our own, as close and intimate as a kiss, as terrifying and haunting as nightmares, a realm where fairies and djinns, changelings and angels, all the stuff of which dreams are made is real...and where magic awaits in the shadows, just a hidden step away. Between this realm and that other lies a veil, a gossamer web that muddles the vision of mortal man and keeps him from seeing what is all around him. Sometimes, someone pierces that protective veil. But one glimpse of this world can forever transform lives. Just ask Ewan and Colby...

Once upon the time, the pair were once bold explorers and youthful denizens of this magical realm, until they left that world behind them. Now, Ewan is a musician living in Austin, and has just met the girl he wants to marry. Colby is still coping with the consequences of an innocent childhood wish that haunts him all these years later. While their time in the Limestone Kingdom is little more than a distant memory, this supernatural world has never forgotten them. And in a world where angels relax on rooftops, whiskey-swilling genies and foul-mouthed wizards argue metaphysics, and monsters in the dark feed on fear, both will learn that fate can never be outrun.

The many fans of Neil Gaiman, Lev Grossman, Erin Morgenstern, and Kim Harrison will love this fabulous debut tale of the magic and monsters in our world...and in ourselves.

I loved Dreams and Shadows. I need to start reading more fantasy. It is always the imaginative reads that blow me away. I must have highlighted and wrote things down about a bajillion times while reading Dreams and Shadows, but I'm still having trouble finding the right words to describe all of my emotions toward this book.

Dreams and Shadows had a beautiful beginning that turned very dark very fast. I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt when I laid my head down to sleep that first night I was going to have nightmares about my children. And I did.

There were beautiful moments of childhood innocence, friendship, and what it's like to grow older, but most of Dreams and Shadows remained a pretty dark read. There were a lot of supernatural creatures in this book: fairies, goblins, djinn, angels, tricksters, but you don't need to be a regular reader of folklore to love Dreams and Shadows. A lot of the fairy creatures were new to me, and it was the story of Colby and Ewan - the two human boys who visited the Limestone Kingdom - that had me glued to the pages.

If you love dark, imaginative reads, I highly, highly recommend Dreams and Shadows. It will easily be one of my favorite reads of the year.

10/10: Awesome


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  1. I almost requested this book, but I decided against it since I was so far behind. Now I am kicking myself because it sounds so awesome and you loved it. If I buy it, it will sit on my shelf unread because I have no time. Sigh. Maybe someday. Glad it was good though and that my instincts held up even if I personally failed. :(

  2. I do so love dark, imaginative reads! Can't wait to get to this one soon. I'd heard amazing things even before it was released but yours is the very first review I've seen. So excited about this one!

  3. So glad to see that you liked this because I just saw a review of someone who didn't care for it. It's on my TBR list and I hate when I see books that I've been excited about get bad reviews.

  4. Picked this one up in a used bookstore a couple weeks back. Now I'm really looking forward to it!!

  5. I love fantasy, I love dark, I love stuff that creeps me out. this looks like one I've got to read! Great cover art too!

  6. Oooo! This one sounds good! Thanks for the heads up.

  7. nightmares huh...still sounds good haha

  8. Listened to this on audio book while traveling- it was wonderful. Now I want to sit down & read it to pick up on anything i missed.


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