Wednesday, March 11, 2015

On My Wishlist {7}

My wishlist may start exploding while I catch up around here. As for now, only a few books have really caught my eye recently.

Within These Walls by Ania Ahlborn

From indie horror author and bestselling sensation Ania Ahlborn, this brand-new supernatural thriller questions: how far would you go for success, and what would you be capable of if the promise of forever was real?

With his marriage on the rocks and his life in shambles, washed up crime writer Lucas Graham is desperate for a comeback. So when he’s promised exclusive access to notorious cult leader and death row inmate Jeffrey Halcomb, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Lucas leaves New York for the scene of the crime—a split-level farmhouse on the gray-sanded beach of Washington State—a house whose foundation is steeped in the blood of Halcomb’s diviners; runaways who, thirty years prior, were drawn to his message of family, unity, and unconditional love. Lucas wants to tell the real story of Halcomb’s faithful departed, but when Halcomb goes back on his promise of granting Lucas exclusive information on the case, he’s left to put the story together on his own. Except he is not alone. For Jeffrey Halcomb promised his devout eternal life…and within these walls, they’re far from dead.

After reading and loving Seed [my review], I really need to catch up on Ania Ahlborn's works. I can't believe I haven't read another of her books. It's shameful really.

Katie by Michael McDowell

When Philo Drax receives a letter from her wealthy grandfather saying he fears for his life at the hands of the vicious Slape family, she rushes to the rescue. But too late! Katie Slape, a monstrous girl with psychic powers and a penchant for smashing skulls with her hammer, has already finished him off and gotten hold of his cash.

Determined to track down the murderers, Philo hunts Katie and her family through the streets of 1860s New York, where the Slapes’ coffers are filling up with money as their cellar fills up with corpses. But going after the Slapes might be the worst decision of Philo’s life, for no one escapes the bashing of Katie’s hammer!

A bloody, action-packed romp, Katie (1982) is a throwback to the exciting and violent “penny dreadfuls” of the Victorian era and features the same brilliant writing as Michael McDowell’s classic horror novels The Elementals and Blackwater.

My God, the reviews for this thing. If I love myself at all, I will read this book.

With Fury In Hand by Lee Thompson

Over the next seventeen hours, on the unforgiving streets of Flint, Michigan, five people with troubled pasts and uncertain futures will collide in a devastating chain of intertwining events.

Through the eyes of a homeless orphan, a banking executive with disturbing fantasies, an adulterous wife, a young prostitute with a stash of money, and a man trying to leave his criminal days behind, you will witness their pain and feel their loss.

Redemption requires forgiveness, but fury serves no master.
This one probably needs no explanation. (Hint: Lee Thompson.)

Have you read or are you planning to read any of these? Tell me: what books have recently made it onto your wishlist?


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  1. Within these walls sounds awesome and I'm adding it straight away. Katie sounds good as well, so I just might have to pick that one up at some point as well.

    My WoW

  2. Within These Walls looks super creepy. Isn't it funny when we read a book by an author and love it we often don't read there other books.

  3. Within These Walls looks super creepy. Isn't it funny when we read a book by an author and love it we often don't read there other books.

  4. You know, I bought Seed and completely forgot about that until just now. Lol Her books sound like something I would love so I really need to get around to those. :)


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