Sunday, August 13, 2017

Recent Updates and Currently Reading | August 13

This post is going to cover the last two weeks of reading because I've been very bad at blogging the last couple of weeks.

Posted Last Week

August 2017 New Horror Releases | Horror Spotlight

Read Last Week

Artemis by Andy Weir - I couldn't help myself. I didn't want to wait any longer.

I Travel By Night by Robert McCammon - This was a mood reread. I enjoyed it even more the second time around.

Saga, Vol. 2 (Saga #2) by Brian K. Vaughan - Yay, I didn't have to wait too long on Vol 2. Hopefully the couple of folks that are in front of me for Vol 3 will be kind and return it early.

Current Distractions

  • Orphan Black! The series finale was last night. I'm very, very thankful that they gave it a good ending. I'm so sad it's over!
  • I CAUGHT UP TO SEASON 7 OF GAME OF THRONES! I may get caught up completely by tonight if all goes well today! I'm going to have the biggest hangover after binging that many seasons of GoT!
  • My kids go back to school this week. (It's too damn early if you ask me!) All of my blogging time has been going into getting them (and the house..) ready for back to school. I'm sorry for commenting in bursts so often lately. Hopefully things will settle back into a routine soon!
So what about you? Let me know what you're reading (or watching) this week or leave me some links!

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  1. Your kids go back to school already?! Wow. Crazy! Good luck getting everything ready.

  2. The start Wednesday here. It is too early. Glad you are enjoying Saga. Orphan Black did have a good ending but I am sad too. I love that we got a lot of Art - I love him. Also, the name of the babies๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ’–.

  3. Hehe. I was tempted to read Artemis so I understand. I am holding out for the audio. *sits on fingers* Good luck with back to school!

  4. Ooh, Artemis! Jealous!! Did you love it?

  5. Yay for Game of Thrones! That's some serious binging. :) And I watched the Orphan Black finale- I'm sad to see it go too. Love that Helena is living in the hendrixes' garage!

    Hope Artemis was good. I'm stuck on Saga Vol. 5 and have to get the next one before I forget what's going on...

  6. Ooo are you going to review Artemis soon?? I'm dying to hear a blogger reaction! My daughter goes back to school tomorrow too, I can't believe summer is over!

  7. Binge watching Game of Thrones is very satisfying. I did that at the e3nd of last year, watching all six seasons for the first time! Now the waiting every week is driving me mad!

  8. Yes for Orphan Black! I'm so happy they ended it the way they did, although I was nervous before I watched about them fitting so much into one hour!

  9. It is hard to believe that it is back to school time already. I never did get into Game of Thrones but do understand binge-watching a series. My last binge was True Blood. Come see my week here. Happy reading!

  10. So, how was Artemis? I'm dying to know. Love GOT!

  11. So I looked at Artemis on GR. Hmm. I guess like Kimberly I'll be holding out for the audio as The Martian was so good via that medium.

  12. I can't wait to read artemis - it sounds great.
    And, I can't believe school is back already - wow!
    Lynn :D

  13. I'm looking forward to Artemis, both for myself and for my husband (who I think might actually like it!)

  14. Wow.. You're kids are already going back to school? Summer is flying by!
    Have a great week and happy reading!


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