Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Book Review | Recursion by Blake Crouch

Recursion is the latest thriller from Blake Crouch.

Memory makes reality.

That’s what New York City cop Barry Sutton is learning as he investigates the devastating phenomenon the media has dubbed False Memory Syndrome—a mysterious affliction that drives its victims mad with memories of a life they never lived.

That's what neuroscientist Helena Smith believes. It’s why she’s dedicated her life to creating a technology that will let us preserve our most precious memories. If she succeeds, anyone will be able to re-experience a first kiss, the birth of a child, the final moment with a dying parent.

As Barry searches for the truth, he comes face-to-face with an opponent more terrifying than any disease—a force that attacks not just our minds but the very fabric of the past. And as its effects begin to unmake the world as we know it, only he and Helena, working together, will stand a chance at defeating it.

But how can they make a stand when reality itself is shifting and crumbling all around them?

I wasn't sure what I would get with Recursion, but I hoped I would get something similar to Dark Matter. Thankfully my wish was granted! I hope Blake Crouch is able to give us a few more releases in this realm of Quantum Physics. I love it!

I'll be honest - Recursion broke my brain a little, but it sure was fun. If you loved Dark Matter, Recursion is a must read.


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  1. I love this book too, just as good as Dark Matter!

  2. I never read Dark Matter but always wanted to. I have heard some good things about this one. Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. "Broke my brain" is a pretty good description for what this book did to me too, but like you I also loved it!

    ~Mogsy @ BiblioSanctum

  4. I agree, I loved this one. I liked Dark Matter a smidgen more (mainly because I thought the alternate realities were so cool) but this was amazing too. He's been knocking it out the park with these lately!

  5. I need to read both this one and Dark Matter! I love books that twist your brain a bit. :)

  6. This one sounds interesting, I like books that make you think. I like that cover!


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