Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Book Review | Bring Me Back by B.A. Paris

Bring Me Back is a thriller novel by B.A. Paris.

Finn and Layla are young, in love, and on vacation. They’re driving along the highway when Finn decides to stop at a service station to use the restroom. He hops out of the car, locks the doors behind him, and goes inside. When he returns Layla is gone—never to be seen again. That is the story Finn told to the police. But it is not the whole story.

Ten years later Finn is engaged to Layla’s sister, Ellen. Their shared grief over what happened to Layla drew them close and now they intend to remain together. Still, there’s something about Ellen that Finn has never fully understood. His heart wants to believe that she is the one for him...even though a sixth sense tells him not to trust her.

Then, not long before he and Ellen are to be married, Finn gets a phone call. Someone from his past has seen Layla—hiding in plain sight. There are other odd occurrences: Long-lost items from Layla’s past that keep turning up around Finn and Ellen’s house. Emails from strangers who seem to know too much. Secret messages, clues, warnings. If Layla is alive—and on Finn’s trail—what does she want? And how much does she know?

A tour de force of psychological suspense, Bring Me Back will have you questioning everything and everyone until its stunning climax.

I really enjoyed the first 40% of Bring Me Back, but then it plummeted off of the cliff.

There was so much repetition, the characters weren't interesting, and the plot wasn't anywhere near believable.

My reaction while finishing up the second half of Bring Her Back was this was a one star read. After taking a step back and cooling my reader jets a little, I think there's something about B.A. Paris' writing that is going to keep it at two stars. Despite wanting to DNF due to content, it was very easy to pay attention to what was happening and it was a quick read for a plot that went nowhere.

I'm obviously not recommending Bring Me Back, but I'm willing to read her previous novels that have garnered much better reviews.


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  1. Too bad, the blurb makes it sound like the story has promise. Hope your next book is better😊

  2. I had a similar experience with "The Breakdown" - good build up but then, when you realised where it was heading, it all became a bit "huh?"

  3. Oh no, sorry to see this one was such a letdown. Repetition is a pet peeve of mine and add in an unbelievable plot and it sounds like a great big “nope.”

  4. Darn! I keep seeing this one with two or one star rating from bloggers I usually agree with, so it looks like this is gonna be one I skip :) Great review!!


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