Monday, August 30, 2021

Book Review | Run Walk Crawl: Getting Fit In My Forties by Tim Lebbon

Run Walk Crawl: Getting Fit In My Forties is a nonfiction book by Tim Lebbon.

At forty-one I was overweight and unfit. As I turned 50 I was thirty pounds lighter, having spent my fifth decade training for, and racing multiple Ironmans, marathons, and other crazy adventures. This account of that fitness journey through my forties includes broken bones, severe chafing, regular cursing, rubber and lycra, an element of masochism ... and cake.

From New York Times-bestselling writer Tim Lebbon comes his first non-fiction book, charting his fitness journey through his forties––funny, hopefully inspiring, brutally honest, this is a book for anyone trying to get and stay fit, at whatever age!
Run Walk Crawl: Getting Fit In My Forties is written by horror author Tim Lebbon. Interestingly, Run Walk Crawl isn't the first running memoir I've read by an author in the horror community. Back in 2014 I read (and enjoyed) Chasing the Dragon: Running to Get High by Mark Matthews. I love reading running books - especially memoir style - so I was excited to curl up and read about Tim Lebbon's fitness journey.

Run Walk Crawl is about more than just running. Since Tim Lebbon is an Ironman - the focus is on swimming, running, and biking. I loved that. I'm not very familiar with triathlon swimming, and I'm certain now I want to keep it that way! The washing machine of kicks and punches sounds pretty terrible to me.

This isn't a training book or a diet book so it's not one to pick up if you are looking for guidance or training plans on how to get fit in your forties (although you may get inspired). It's much more of a memoir style book with Lebbon walking the reader through his journey to get fit through his forties. If you love reading this style of book from athletes (like I do!), this is a great one to pick up. Lebbon is down to earth and perfectly touches on the best way to get fit - finding the thing you love that makes you move.

4/5 stars


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