Sunday, October 22, 2023

Recent Updates and Currently Reading | October 22

Hi, friends! This time of year is so busy. This is the first weekend we haven't been traveling due to the kids' sports and things. It was nice. 

My husband and I were off work Friday and we binged watched Mrs. Davis on Peacock. Have you seen it? Such a strange show, but I loved it.

I'm still crafting more than I'm reading. I'm mostly cross stitching and sewing. Right now I'm working on this Glowing Pumpkin ornament. I still have most of the beading left to do. This is my first time beading and I'm really loving this little project.

Currently Reading

I just realized there's a theme here! Both of these books are excellent. The September House is so unique - I'm loving it. I just started The Good House yesterday, but it's really good so far, too!

Finished Reading

Can you tell what my favorite type of book is? 😂

I absolutely love T. Kingfisher's writing. She has become one of my favorite authors. I enjoyed A House with Good Bones.

Added to the TBR

The beautiful folks at Bramble sent me a copy of Alone With You in the Ether by Olivie Blake. This may be a great option to pull me out of my slump. I've never read Olivie Blake.

Three cheers for my book club for picking Remarkably Bright Creatures by Shelby Van Pelt! This has been on my wishlist forever and now I have an excuse to buy it.

I finally bought a copy of The House in the Cerulean Sea. I'm really looking forward to reading it.

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  1. I'm so glad you're loving The September House, it's definitely going to make my top five books of the year:-) And I bought a copy of Remarkably Bright Creatures but still need to read it. I hope you enjoy!

  2. I love your pumpkin!! I used to cross stitch,I actually miss it, but I also like making jewelry!!

  3. During a busy time, I find I have a hard time reading except just before I go to bed. I also love to make things when I am overly busy.

    Yes, you have a definite house-y theme going on!

  4. I will check out Mrs. Davis. Right now I am binge watching Guardian, Bodies, and Found.

  5. Mrs. Davis looks unusual. You know you can listen to audiobooks while you craft if you do audio. That's how I get in more reading. It's great to have a weekend at home.

    Anne - Books of My Heart This is my Sunday Post

  6. Love that glowing pumpkin ornament you're making. And I'm glad you found some good books to read. September House is one I'm looking forward to reading. I love a good haunted house story, too. :D

  7. Oooh! Your pumpkin crafts look beautiful! Hope you have a great week!

    Here’s my Sunday Post

    Rabbit Ears Book Blog: WORLD’S WEIRDEST BOOK BLOG!

  8. I love the pumpkin ornament, that is so cool.

  9. Love the cross stitch. You did a great job. Those were the days when the kid owned my weekends. The kid, I miss. The dance competitions, not so much. I loved Remarkably Bright Creatures. It touched my heart. I feel like I am too low-brow for Ether. Literary fiction is mostly not for me, but I hope you enjoy it.

  10. I mean...that's a lot of houses LOL. At least you have more time to read now...until it lasts, right? 😉

  11. Neat ornament!

    Sorry if duplicate comment... I thougt I commented.

  12. The September House was good, creepy fun. I love your beadwork! Hope you're doing well!


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