Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Book Review | Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower #4) by Stephen King

Wizard and Glass (The Dark Tower #4) by Stephen King
I'm making my way through Stephen King's The Dark Tower series.

Wizard and Glass is the fourth book in the series.

Book Description
The end is near.
Start at the beginning.

The Dark Tower saga builds to an explosive climax...

Wizard and Glass picks up where The Waste Lands leaves you hanging - in the clutches of Blaine the Mono. The action of the speeding train soon turns to a love story as we flashback to Roland's first love. I didn't realize what was missing from the first three books until I found it in the fourth - Stephen King makes me squirm. Rhea the witch makes me squirm.

I'm happy to be reading this series. I feel pretty certain I won't recommend it to someone who isn't already a Stephen King fan, but I do feel it is a must read for fans who haven't yet experienced the quest for The Dark Tower. I'm looking forward to continuing on with Wolves of the Calla.

3/5 Stars

Have you given The Dark Tower series a try yet?

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