Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: Quiet Anchorage by Ed Lynskey

Quiet Anchorage is a new cozy mystery by Ed Lynskey.

Book Description
Quiet Anchorage, Virginia, looks like paradise. When she's accused of murdering her fiance, however, the small town is anything but heavenly for Megan Connors. With her fingerprints on the murder weapon, it looks like an open-and-shut case, and Sheriff Fox, running for reelection and anxious to get credit for 'solving' a murder case, intends on ramming through charges and getting a conviction. Megan's only champions are her aging aunts. They don't believe she's guilty, but what can two senior citizens do against the powers of the state and the evidence against Megan?

Isabel and Alma Trumbo may be aging, even worried about memory loss, but they've read just about every mystery published in the past half-century. They're sure they've picked up the skills and knowledge they need to prove Megan's innocence. Starting with the town's gossips and loafers, then scaling up when the sexy ex-girlfriend of one of the Sheriff's deputies joins them, they search for alternate suspects, possible motives, and any evidence that might exonerate their niece.
When Isabel and Alma Trumbo's niece is arrested for murder, they decide to take the investigation into their own hands.  As avid mystery readers, they feel more than equipped to handle the job.  In fact, it's not the first case for them to take on in their small town of Quiet Anchorage.  Now they find themselves working against the sheriff who is up for re-election and needs this case to be open and shut.

Quiet Anchorage is an entertaining cozy mystery.  Isabel and Alma are outspoken southern women with a lot of humor and determination.  In Quiet Anchorage, they form a ladies detective agency which lends this book to become a series similar to "Murder She Wrote".  I don't know if Lynskey plans to do that, but I'd happily spend another day with Isabel and Alma.

Are you a fan of the amateur sleuth? I'd love some recommendations if you have any!

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