Thursday, April 7, 2011

Book Review: Infernal Devices by K.W. Jeter

Infernal Devices is a must read for steampunk fans.

Book Description
But George has little talent for watches and other infernal devices. When someone tries to steal an old device from the premises, George finds himself embroiled in a mystery of time travel, music and sexual intrigue. The classic steampunk tale from the master of the genre.

K.W. Jeter literally coined the phrase "steampunk" in a letter to Locus magazine in 1987.

Infernal Devices is considered "a genuine lost classic, a steampunk original whose time has come." (Goodreads)

In Infernal Devices, George runs his late father's watchmaker shop and struggles to repair the devices invented by his father. After his shop is raided in an attempt to steal a device, George embarks on a journey full of strange creatures, weird places, and intriguing devices.

Infernal Devices turned out to be an imaginative and enjoyable read. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of humor throughout this book.

If you are a fan of steampunk, I recommend you read this one.

Are you new to the steampunk genre?  Do you have any steampunk favorites?  I'd love some recommendations!

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  1. I am definitely new but have no suggestions! I know there was a blogger that solely reads Steampunk and is doing a Steampunk challenge. (I think)Check it out:


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