Monday, April 4, 2011

Review: Before Leonora Wakes by Lee Thompson

I absolutely loved Before Leonora Wakes.

Book Description
Red Piccirilli is a runt, a dreamer, a naive boy with an imaginary friend and little else. But right before summer vacation starts he finds an albino girl trapped in a shed behind a local house. After Red frees her, the world he knew quickly unravels into something more mysterious—an unsteady reality where a man with silver teeth and buzz saw voice points him toward the true meaning of sacrifice.

Red is an introverted boy who at the age of thirteen still has an imaginary friend.  When Red and Pig follow a creepy man in blue home after school, they make a discovery that begins tearing at the connection that binds them.

Lee Thompson is now a "must read" favorite author for me.  His writing has an imaginative quality that is so hard to find.

Before Leonora Wakes is a fantastic, dark, coming of age tale. I will be reading this one again.

Are you a coming of age fan?  I love a great coming of age story especially when there is an awesome mix of horror and suspense thrown in.

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  1. I enjoy coming of age books, but I don't know very many great ones.

  2. Thanks so much for the read and review, Jennifer! That story has a special place in my heart, Red was basically me at that age, so I'm super glad you dug it!


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