Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Review: 19 by Aaron Patterson

A few days ago, Mr. Aaron Patterson tweeted out to the universe that his short story 19 was free on Amazon. This is one of the many reasons I love twitter. Thankfully, I follow Mr. Patterson.

19 tells the story of a family who is cursed with predictions of death. Aaron Patterson provided this information in the product description:
This is based on a true story and because of the facts and how hard to believe they seem I turned this into a fiction short story. I added in some back-story that is all made up but the main plot happened to friends of mine. This is a thriller drama, medical and all about a family that is cursed with death, and all because of a rose.

If you want something different and a little off the path, give "19" a try. And think twice the next time you stop and smell the roses.

I am such a fan of short works, and 19 was a great short story. It reminded me of a story my 8th grade English teacher told me after being off for funeral leave. Her brother-in-law had died on a road that several men in her husband's family had died on. He had a heart attack. His brother and his father also died on that road. Her husband was still living. If I were her I would never let him near that town again!

Whether Patterson's 19 is a true story or not, I will add it to the list of tales I love to tell around the campfire (and during Earth Hour where everyone turns their lights out for an hour. I can't purposefully turn out all the lights without breaking out the ghost stories.)

If you love sitting down and getting a complete tale in one sitting, 19 is a great short story to grab.

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  1. I'm not a huge fan of short stories... But this sounds freaky good!! ;)

  2. I've never really given short stories a fair shot. Not sure why, because I love The Langoliers.

    I should not have judged the Discworld series by The Color of Magic. Mort was a bit darker and hilarious. Guards! Guards! was just as good. I'm now on the Terry Pratchett bandwagon!

    Also, nice job on starting book 5! I'm still have some prioritization issues...

  3. I'll have to give this a try, but quite honestly, that other story about the men having heart attacks on the same road would make a great story.

  4. Yeah... maybe I should have kept that story for myself... LOL. Pretty freaky.


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