Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Book Review | Honor's Knight by Rachel Bach

Honor's Knight is the second book in the Paradox trilogy by Rachel Bach.

Book Description

The rollicking sequel to Fortune's Pawn -- an action packed science fiction novel.

Devi Morris has a lot of problems. And not the fun, easy-to-shoot kind either.

After a mysterious attack left her short several memories and one partner, she's determined to keep her head down, do her job, and get on with her life. But even though Devi's not actually looking for it -- trouble keeps finding her. She sees things no one else can, the black stain on her hands is growing, and she is entangled with the cook she's supposed to hate.

But when a deadly crisis exposes far more of the truth than she bargained for, Devi discovers there's worse fates than being shot, and sometimes the only people you can trust are the ones who want you dead.

The entire time I was reading Honor's Knight all I could think was Holy shit I love this book. I'm devastated there is only one book left in the series. If you haven't read Fortune's Pawn, I cannot recommend enough that you jump on to this trilogy.

You can read my review of Fortune's Pawn here.

I mentioned in my review of Fortune's Pawn that it was more of a "space fantasy" than a science fiction novel. Honor's Knight can definitely be classified more as science fiction but this is an awesome thing. I'm loving the way this trilogy is progressing.

The Paradox series centers around Devi Morris - a totally badass mercenary chick on track to join an elite league of armored fighters. It's difficult to review Honor's Knight without spoiling the first book so I'm just going to say I loved this second book even more than the first. And I really loved the first.

There's so much action and mystery, so many twists and turns, and such awesome characters. There's also no cliffhanger at the end of this one! Just an intense longing for more... I highly, highly recommend this series.

9/10: Highly Recommended

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  1. I haven't even heard of this series but you've intrigued me.

  2. Wow, this sounds pretty good. "Totally badass mercenary chick"? I'm in. Oh, and armored suits? So much the better. I'll have to check these out...

  3. I'm about halfway through this book right now so I'm not going to read your review yet, but I peeked at your rating and am very happy you enjoyed it! Isn't this series AWESOME? I'm enjoying it so much and I'm glad you are, too. :)

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  4. Man I'm so very glad I discovered this series. I don't remember another book I've recommended so much!

  5. Dear Jennifer,

    I read your review of Rachel Bach book Honor's Knight and feel that you did a great job. In my judgment, your review was balanced, fair and well-thought out. You have demonstrated a justified objectivity, giving a reader a clear impression of what to expect from the novel. I will be following your other reviews with interest.


  6. i am a Biggest fan!!Loved the book. Great story featuring everything

  7. hmmm, okay, I will check out this series.

  8. "Intense longing for more" is totally right! Hurry up, book three.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden


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