Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill | Wishlist

One of my absolute favorite reads this year was Dreams and Shadows. C. Robert Cargill tweeted out the cover to the sequel last week, and I pretty much hyperventilated. I had no idea there was even going to be a sequel to Dreams and Shadows, but here it is! With a cover and a release date and a flailing fan (me).

Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill
Expected publication: February 11th 2014 by Harper Voyager

Queen of the Dark Things by C. Robert Cargill
Book Description

Screenwriter and noted film critic C. Robert Cargill continues the story begun in his acclaimed debut Dreams and Shadows in Queen of Dark Things, a bold and brilliantly crafted tale involving fairies and humans, magic and monsters—a vivid phantasmagoria that combines the imaginative wonders of Neil Gaiman, the visual inventiveness of Guillermo Del Toro, and the shocking miasma of William S. Burroughs.

Six months have passed since the wizard Colby lost his best friend to an army of fairies from the Limestone Kingdom, a realm of mystery and darkness beyond our own. But in vanquishing these creatures and banning them from Austin, Colby sacrificed the anonymity that protected him. Now, word of his deeds has spread, and powerful enemies from the past—including one Colby considered a friend—have resurfaced to exact their revenge.

As darkness gathers around the city, Colby sifts through his memories desperate to find answers that might save him. With time running out, and few of his old allies and enemies willing to help, he is forced to turn for aid to forces even darker than those he once battled.

Following such masters as Lev Grossman, Erin Morgenstern, Richard Kadrey, and Kim Harrison, Robert C. Cargill takes us deeper into an extraordinary universe of darkness and wonder, despair and hope to reveal the magic and monsters around us . . . and inside us.

If you haven't read Dreams and Shadows, you can check out my review here. Dreams and Shadows is probably the main reason I have been reading so much fantasy lately.

Have you read Dreams and Shadows? What book are you anxiously awaiting this week? Be sure to let me know in the comments or leave me a link!

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  1. I simply must get around to reading Dreams and Shadows before this comes out. I won't read the blurb for this one in case it spoils stuff. lol Thanks for the reminder to pick up D&S though. :)

  2. I also need to get to reading DREAMS AND SHADOWS. I've heard so many excellent things about it! I've got to do a major reading binge very soon - it would be great to knock out a chunk of the embarrassing "I should have read this already" books :)

  3. OK, I'm not a HUGE fantasy reader - I do like me some Neil Gaiman every once in awhile.. but I love that cover and the synopsis for that one, so you've convinced me to add Dreams and Shadows to my wish list :D

    April @ My Shelf Confessions

  4. I am so excited to see you writing about this! I picked up a copy of Dreams & Shadows on impulse last year (it sounded so good!) but hadn't had a chance to read it yet. Yay, thanks for the reminder!



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