Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Top Ten Best Sequels Ever

Today marks the release of one of my most wanted sequels of all time: Doctor Sleep by Stephen King. In honor of the sequel to The Shining, I thought it would be fun to participate in today's Top Ten Tuesday over at the Broke and the Bookish.

These are my top ten best sequels ever:

My favorite sequel of all time goes to:

I feel like I have a very odd mix of favorites. Do we share any favorite sequels? What is your favorite sequel of all time?


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  1. I have Catching Fire on my list this week too. It's great to see so many people enjoyed it.

  2. I love that you picked The Babysitters Club as your favorite of all time! That is awesome!

  3. Howliday Inn! I didn't even think about books from childhood!

    I see we both also went with Anne Rice. I was always more of a Witching Hour girl, although I really loved Interview.

  4. I never made it past I am Number Four in that series. Which is interesting because I really liked the first one. I also really should read The Vampire Lestat someday.

    Great list,

  5. Your list has such variety! I am completely with you on LotR (I think that's the book where the Ents go all badass) and Catching Fire. Such great series! (Well and Harry Potter, but you already knew that)

  6. Fantastic list! LOTR is perfect -- why didn't I think of it? LOL re Babysitters Club! My daughter was so hooked on those books back in the day. We had stacks and stacks lying around the house.


  7. How did I forget about the Baby Sitters Club. Claudia was always one of my favorites. SHe was so fashionable!

  8. hahaha Seeing a Babysitter's Club book on there makes me feel so old. They were some of my favorite books when I was young!

  9. YAY for Catching Fire, Harry Potter and The Babysitter's Club!! LOVE them all.

  10. I forgot about the Alex Cross series. Kiss the Girls was my favorite.

  11. OMG! MISCHIEF! I love Doug Clegg and that's one of my favorites!

  12. OH WOW I didn't know that Doctor Sleep was a sequel to The Shining. For all the publicity it's been getting, I had no idea o.O.

    Oh, interesting. I don't know that I would've thought you'd like The Lorien Legacies series. I haven't heard much about the sequels, but since you said -- I think, if I'm not mistaken -- that you didn't read much YA -- I didn't think that series would get your attention. Ooooh Catching Fire. Definitely agreed. I had some problems with Hunger Games, but it was like everything was stepped up yet another notch in that sequel. Only complaint = that LOVE triangle reemphasized. Whaaat? Chamber of Secrets? Do you mean that it was better than HP1? I'd give that to you, but of the HP books and sequels, whaaaaat??? Sadly I haven't read your other books o.O and actually only read one of the Baby Sitters Club books - only recently too, for a class (The Truth about Stacey? I think it was #5 or something), and wasn't a huge fan. Why is it your favorite sequel of all time? You have a very interesting mix of favorites - stuff like BSC book that I might not have expected and stuff from a variety of genres too. :)

    I don't know that I have a favorite sequel of all time. I love HP7, would consider that potentially on the list and I love Fire by Kristin Cashore. Oh, and I guess Crown of Midnight was much better than its predecessor too. Okay, so maybe I could come up with a list if I thought enough about it :P.

    1. Yes! Doctor Sleep is a much anticipated sequel. :)

      I loooove the Lorien Legacies series. I totally read YA - I don't read much YA horror. Horror being the key. Other YA - especially scifi or fantasy - I'm all over it.

      I am that rare breed that likes love triangles. I can't help it.

      OK, I need to speak up about my list. They were all #2 books! I was being very literal with my definition of "sequel". So out of my favorite #2s - chamber of secrets makes the list. Favorite HP? Oh, no. That would be Azkaban for me.

      If I reread BSC now - I'm sure I wouldn't find it near as awesome, but as a little girl, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls was AWESOME. It was so suspenseful! I don't think I've ever been in love with a sequel as much as I was in love with that book.


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